Monday, 14 September 2009

"Liberty" by Al Fuller

Another entry for our contest"Liberty"by Al Fuller(7 Ater)wich representing the Statue of Liberty,a great icon of United States of America.
This Cubee consist of three pages.I assumed that the person that makes this Cubee already knows how to construct a cubee. This is not for a novice. I did not include clear markings on putting it together, Anyone who has made any Cubees should know how to put it all together.
Up to now we have been receiving models almost all allusive ones to U.S.A.We appeal to the paper modelers of other countries in order that also they participate so to spread several cultures and accustom of whole world.IT IS NOT COMPULSORY CUBEE MODELS PRESENTS, IT CAN BE ANOTHER TYPE OF PAPERCRAFTS.

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