Sunday, 31 May 2009

Member of International List of Scale Model related web sites

Its official:
Our blog is now ,with great honor ,member of the International List of
Scale Model Related Web Sites! watch our link on section:
Special Interest paper models (page 21).

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Tektonten papercrafts

The american architect "Tektonten"have a great blog about papercrafts:
Some are his works,others are from many sites about papercrafts.In his blog,we can watch a several kind of post topics like animals,horror,masks,spacecraft,sci-fi,etc,etc.
He is a member of International list of Scale Model related web sites

Gallery Members

Today we open a new Tag:
"The members gallery" and the first one is he send us 3 photos of his cubees and a photo of himself with the ID Member Card.Cool photos,Chris!

Friday, 29 May 2009

The first feminine member of our club

Yelizavyeta alsona"AnimeShark20" is a russian girl with 19 years old,who likes watching Nascar
and eating Shushi;Her works are cubeecrafts,mostly about Starwars,and watercolor paintings.
Personal quote:
Everying thinks to change the world,no one thinks to change oneself(Lev Tolstoy)
She is the member number 4 of our club.And her deviant page is:

The works of hrdrckr33

"hrdrckr33" is an american student from Maine,his interests are:
Drawing,music(mostly metal) tv,and video games.He makes nice cubeecrafts and cubee videos on Youtube:
He has a deviant page where he show his works:
He is member number 3 of this club.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Cubeecrafts of Cyberdrone

Chis (Cyberdrone)is a british cubeecrafter and the first to join our club.His interest are:
His favourite style of art its Anime and Manga.He did many Cubees,and my favourites are about Starwars,my favourite movie; more works and templates of this artist could be found here:

ID Member card

Here´s the Pin and the ID Member card for all members of this club,that I will send soon.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Homer Jedi Cubeecraft

Iam a big fan of Starwars and Simpsons,so I did this Homer with a Jedi clothes and a lightsaber with two donuts."May the donuts be with you..."

Deviantart mascot cubeecraft

I did this Deviantart mascot cubeecraft,because Iam a Deviant artist and fan of this universal art site


Hi everyone:
Today I started to create a new blog about papercrafts,Cubeecrafts are my favorites.
If you are a papercrafter or like to watch and print templates about this kind of art,please,send me an e-mail to show your works or sugestions to improve this blog.
You can watch some of my works on: